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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 11, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> good evening. we'll begin with new details of what led to the arrest of the man accused in the kidnapping and murder of 15-year-old sarah la mar. despite extensive search the morning an hill teenager body has never been found. but secret grand jury documents
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release tonight show that dna evidence play as major role in the criminal indictment against garcia torez. the dna found in the suspect car and his dna was on her clothing. suspect himself revealed knowledge about evidence before investigators knew about it. grand jury also heard testimony about a series of violent attack on south bay women in 2009. torez is accused of kidnapping them in separate carjackings. torez is chargedi% with kid inspecting and murder in la mar case. santa clare county district attorney is seeking the death penalty. mercury news fought to make the secret grand jury testimony public. we have much more on the story on 7 news 11 over on channel 7 as we get a chance to comb through thisumentatio documentation, this testimony. >> now to the latest on the twisted case of suspected call girl alex tickle man. she's accused as you know of injecting google executive with heroin and then leaving him to
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die on his yacht in santa cruz. tonight an atlanta television station is reporting that tickleman has admitted to santa cruz police that she was the one who gave hearn to her boyfriend in atlanta last year. he too died of an over dose. meanwhile it should come as no surprise that the sex trade is booming in silicon valley where technology worker are thriving and money in the pock tote bur burn. tiffany wilson has that story. >> unable to find a job in 2009 she turned to dancing at the lucky lady. >> what i heard from all the dance that's had been working before the recession was that it was absolutely insane how little money we were making because the tech boom in the late 90's and early 2000 had really been great for the sex industry. >>reporter: today a similar resurgence thanks to new money and new kivrments around here we get an influx of just people moving to the bay area and getting paid lots of money which is grit for any industry especially direct service
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industry. >>reporter: another sex worker based out of sacramento told me she commutes to silicon valley because she can charming higher rates to customers who have more money than social opportunities t.susie is a bay area sex industry entrepreneur. >> it would be ridiculous if i did not you know respond to the economic boom. here in the silicon valley. >>reporter: she's noticed major shift in her client during the past year. >> i have gone from having maybe handful of some of maybe my best clients being in the tech industry in some capacity to the majority of my client being in the tech industry. >>reporter: sex workers told me recent publicity surround ago google exec death and call girl arrest has not hurt the industry as much as the closure of my red the site offered free on line advertising for sex workers as well as the forum where they could communicate about safe practices and black listed clients. >> can you imagine what small businesses here in the bay area would do if yelp got shut down?
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>>reporter: she expects the industry will come up with creative alternative and hope sex workers will one day operate legally in the open. >> when the work is not criminalize. it doesn't attract criminals. >>reporter: never been an exact count of sox workers in the bay area but people believe it's around 10,000. business is booming they say they still can charge higher price ins new york city. tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> united airlines confirms to abc news that united boeing 777 diverted to midway island. plane en route to guam when passengers smelled something burning. pilot diverted the flight to midway. airline will only say it was mechanical issue but it was indicated a fairly serious. teresa smith from maryland says she was a passenger. she says the flit delayed for several hours in honolulu and then 5 hours into the flight the flight attendant began huddling and acting kind of nervous. eventually the burning smell got stronger and they learned they were going to
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midway. when they landed the captain told passengers that th and they had started to lose power and the radar was going out, there were fumes. they all spent the night in an old gym on midway. passengers are back in honor law lieu tonight. they are safe but the luggage is still open the plane in midway. >> we see firefighters talking to some of the 200 people forced out of the building. it happened around 11:30 this morning at the police administration building which is on 7 street. lee ann has more now from oakland. he. >> just after 11:00 o'clock this morning virginia teresa was told to leave police headquarters. she left everything behind including her purse. >> it was very fast. sitting there and the sirens went off. and then you see everybody say evacuate so it was fast. >>reporter: at least 200 employee also evacuated after
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some one noticed a foul odor. >> one of our lieutenant on the second floor smelled the foul smell and pulled the alarm and notified everybody to evacuate the building. >>reporter: fire crew arrive with the hazmat team all suited up. went through the entire 9 story be. at first they were looking for possible gas leak but quickly realize the smell was coming from the h vachl city. air conditioning collat collator arrived. no public services were ever disrupted. >> 911 dispatch center not located here at 4 5 5 7 street. not affecting the call for service. for the officers on the street. >>reporter: people who came to do any kind of business could not get in. police closed off the surrounding area. >> trying to get back to my office on fourth and broadway. i captain. >>reporter: alameda couldn't superior court house next door. employee were his not he have been ateed but some were concerned. >> yes. about i don't know if i want to go back in there. i'm sure they will let us know. >>reporter: just last year the
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building evacuated and closed after a toilet flooded. many blame it on old infrastructure. during this morning incident pg&e tested the area around the building as precautionary measure. no leak were his detected. in oakland, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> san francisco police now say a fight near at&t park after yesterday giants a's game was not caused by fan rivalry. it happened in front of mo mo restaurant popular hang out after giants games. witness told us a man and drunk woman got into a fight with two other men and 2 women. sources tell us the people may have been making fun of the drunk woman. maybe even taking her picture. most of the people involved were wearing giants or a's gear but that does not appear to be a factor here. wasn't a fan against fan type thing. victim hit and knocked completely unconscious. >> the big guy suspect just hit her right in the face. knocked
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her out flat. just one single punch and she was down. out cold on the sidewalk. >>reporter: one of them was arrested in sacramento. the fight happened 2 hours after the game. giants provide security for only 45 minutes once the game is over. >> former yahoo employee is suing high level executive for sexual harassment. will you suit accuses maria yang of force ago woman she supervisor entered the mobile content unit to have sex with her. the 2 shared a unit together inia had a corporate housing after transferred from seattle. the plaintiff says she was given a bad performance review after sheree assisted these sexual encounters. she was litter fired. yahoo says it will defend maria against these accusations. sunnyvale man arrested for soliciting provocative photographs from a santa cruz county teenagers. according to authorities 29-year-old scott anglo posing as a relative texted the girl and convinced her to send him some swim suit
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photo for modelling job. investigators have linked him to 6 other cases and seized at least 50 photographs when they raided his home. >> if you pay toll to cross the bay bridge some of that money is going to good toward cleaning stains off the new eastern span signature tower that just opened you can see this when we looked for them today. cal-trans says thousands of tiny steel particle im bed in the bridge finish. the particle now rus rusting hence discoloration. it will cost 1 million dollars to clean the towers. toll money will cover half of that tab. cal-trans and bridge contact tractor blame each other for this problem. so there's a little finger pointing going than on there. >> more at 9:00. as we continue lights out at struggling north bay airport. construction snafu stranded dozens of passengers and left
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them in the dark. >> also. parking madness. decision coming out of san francisco that has a lot of people upset. spencer is here with the weekend weather. >> look for summer like heat. on its wait a minute i have accu-weather 7 day forecast coming up in a moment. >> thanks spencer. also here tank guns even missiles. the auction had a has something for everyone. if you like military artifacts. in the market for new tank. low mile annual stay with us 7 news a hey there. did you select these things on purpose? not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha. i can hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this. oh. crystal geyser please. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source.
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news flash, it's bottled at the source. news flash, we sell it in cases. oh. thank you. oh no no no. crystal geyser. bottled right at the mountain source. >> handful of flights have been turned away from sonoma county airport or cancelled all together because of red tape over an otherwise perfect runway. charles m shuttle airport lobby hard to get alaska airlines last year 17,000 passengers flew in and out of santa rosa. but as wayne explains, a lightning snafu ground add couple hundred passengers this week. >> at the charles m shuttle sonoma county airport it's the
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over sight an inconvenience and all they say for the sake of progress. >> matter of visibility and ceiling high cloud cover. >> now according to assistant airport manager cancellation. total of 3 alaska flights to or from los angeles plus another on tuesday night that flew all the way up then all the way back without landing because the fog came in and the faa has yet to certify the lights for low ceiling landings. technicality. >> nobody really knew that we needed the flight check this runway for the runway lights. >> some have taken days to reach the final destination. quote we are frustrated with the sierra line said today. we know many of our customers are greatly inconvenienced and we feel for them. we hope this can be resolved quickly. >> to the fa told you or should you have known. >> again a little of boat. not here to point fingers. we have had several meetings with the
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faa over this project and i think at some point someone probably should have said you need a flight check for the runway lights. >> faa did attempt to certify the landing lights at 5:00 o'clock this morning but once again it was too foggy. federal agency will try again tomorrow evening. men time no word from alaska airlines about whether it will send the flight up from los angeles tonight or not. it depends once againon the weather. sonoma county airport wayne abc 7 news. >> san francisco is considering getting rid of hundreds of on street parking spots and plan has a lot of people upset. this morning dozens of these angry residents spoke up at san francisco municipal transportation agency hearing. the mta wants to reserve 4 50 parking spots this year exclusively for car share companies. many of these would go in residential areas. >> why not have it on private spaces that currently exist? what is wrong with that model?
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why take 4 50 more spaces away from the common people in san francisco that use cars to get around? >>reporter: pilot program would increase on street car share parking spots from 12 to 900 over the next 2 years. it's part of plan to encourage car share company to extend the services to neighborhood far from downtown san francisco. >> if you are the type to wax roman tibling over full moon, get set for loving this weekend with the super moon. super moon will happen three times this year when the first grac gracing of the sky overnight tonight. have inform outside and check it out. this id video of past super moon. it's when the moon is closer to the earth and affect magnify when it happens at the same time as full moon of course. it looks huge in the sky. look for 2 other super moons in august and september. it is beautiful. >> year filled with super moon. >> 3 in one year. experience
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is here with a weekend forecast full man notwithstanding. >> we have super warmth our way this weekend. >> it's nice and summer like. here's live doppler 7hd mainly clear sky across the bay area. we have low clouds at the coast expected to move in land overnight. here's live view from the emeryville camera east bay looking west ward on this lovely evening. 61 degrees rate now san francisco. 63 at oakland. san carlos san jose and gilroy. popular number right now. half man basement beautiful view from the exploring camera looking out over the bay bridge. 61 degre degrees. santa rose nap and novato and popular number. 63. 65 in fairfield. concord 63. 62 livermore. how about this view of our super moon. partially obscured by few clou cloud. very beautiful camp are shot there from our kgo roof top camera. these are our forecast feature. low clouds filling in all the blank areas overnight. it will be warmer
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inland this weekend and our summer spread of high pressure will be in effect early next week. here's our satellite water vapor image showing low pressure that brought us stream of moisture up from the south early in the week lifting northward now and see the flow of moisture ending and we see flow of warm air coming in. hot air as a matter of fact hot air mass expands west ward bringing us big warm-up in the inland area especially on monday tuesday so let's move along the our over nature low. we'll see low clouds pushing rather far inland as they have done for most of this week overnight low will be mild as they have been most of this week. mainly in the upper 50's to right around 60 and then tomorrow see the clouds burn back to the coast line. it's sunny and warm in most location down in the south bay we see high in the upper 70's to mid 80's to about qui degrees tomorrow at san jose. peninsula mid upper 70's. 78 degrees at redwood city. palo alto and mountain view on the coast we see low mid 60's. mid 60's in and around san
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francisco. 66 downtown san francisco tomorrow. north bay we see low mid 80's up to about 80 degrees at santa rosa. 83 sonoma. 81 at nap a.east bay high 73 at oakland and san leandro. 74 union city. 77 at castro valley and inland east bay will be is in and warm with mainly mid 80's upper 80's at fairfield antioch and 90 degrees expected at brentwood to. preview of the warmer weather to come. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. on sunday we see low 90's inland. monday tuesday mid 90's inland. mid 80's around the bay. mid 60's on the coast. temperatures will moderately a bit on wednesday thursday and friday. remain rather steady pattern just about 90 agrees inland. upper 70's to near 80's around the bay and low 60's on the coast. lovely warm beautiful summer like week ahead. >> we have the super moon. >> who could ask for more. >> still to come tonight. 7 news at 9:00. president obama makes surprise famous
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barbecue joint. what he did to force him to pick up the tab for the heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop.
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>> postscript pass. >> soccer fans will be back at san francisco civic center plaza to watch the world cup final sunday between germany and argentina. the city is expecting another big crowd of course just like the one that showed up for the usa belgium game last week. the party is going to start at noon. in the south bay a viewing party at st. james park in san jose for tomorrow third place game between brazil and netherlands as well as sunday final. tomorrow the at 1:00 p.m. catch the world cup battle for third place. netherlands will play brazil and you can watch it live on our sister network espn. germany arming tina play
9:24 pm
in the world cup final this suaynd watch that game live right here on 7. our coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. enjoy the games. >> some folk might get irritated at someone who cuts in lean at busy lunch spot who would do that? well they might be less annoyed if the line jumper is the president of the united states of america and he picks up the tab. >> these folks i'll buy for whatever they want since i am cutting in line. >> president obama visited franklin barbecue that's famous spot in austin, texas yesterday to pick up some take out for his staff. as everyone orders added up, president obama or perhaps you could call him the big spend interchief realized his wad of 20's was not going to cover it. so there he goes. he whips out the credit card. the bill totalled about 300 dollars. some people wait for hours to get the barbecue fixed there restaurant owner says the
9:25 pm
president is the first customer to ever cut in line and get away with it. no one there seemed to mind one bit. >> another half hour of abc 7 news at 9 moments away. coming up next. new concern at one of the nation top lab. having to do with the hand like of dangerous virus and bacteria. precaution being taken by the cdc tonight. also the nightmare nanny. she's revving to leave the family that hired her and tonight you hear why. her and tonight you hear why. >> from her >> we remember a jazz legend who inspired generations of muse situations. stay with me. another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 begins here in just a 9:00 begins here in just a moment ??
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>> you. >> good evening once again. we begin this half hour with new scare from one of the nation top lab about the handling of potentially deadly virus and bacteria. anthrax. smallpox and now the flu. tonight 2 lab forced to close after the third close call. uncovered in just a month. chief medical editor investigates why this keeps happening. >> tonight the center for disease control bioterrorism lab and flu lab shut down. after yet another frightening mistake. this time a sample of the deadly bird flu mistakenly shipped out to another lab. potentially putting other scientist at risk. it happened in may. cdc director informed just two days ago. >> when i got the call and i just couldn't believe it. i
9:30 pm
was stunned and frankly appalled. >>reporter: this latest failure discovered during an investigation into how 75 scientist were potentially exposed to tan tlax in a lab in atlanta. revelation 2 days after we learned it dried smallpox sample by international agreement are only stored at 2 high containment lab in the world in atlanta and siberia were discovered in cardboard box in unsecured government lab in maryland. today we learn the sample were alive. potentially deadly. strength of incidents occurring at the top lab in the nation. >> this is the laboratory we expect to have the highest level of safety in the world and if it can happen there it can happen almost any other la lab. >> tonight we ask the head of the cdc what went wrong. is there a cavalier attitude in the laboratory. 2 laboratory that basically were not following the rules in terms of hand licensing dangerous charges. >> we clearly need to improve the culture of safety and make sure that is there in every single one of cdc lab. these
9:31 pm
incidents are a wake up call. >> dr. richard vesser reportin reporting. despite growing international pressure to negotiate cease fire today israeli prime minister said israel will not stop airstrike as long as hamas continues firing rockets that israel. hamas fired more than 150 rockets into israel today. 30 were intercepted by the country iron dome defense stm. today one got through and hit a gas station. one machine seriously hurt. there have been no deaths reported in israel but in gaza more than 100 palestinian an died. israeli airstrike since tuesday. more now from alex in gaza city. fight hurdle go through the streets of gaza. jaws strike. about this is a clearly wounded man. out of hamas struck
9:32 pm
moments ago. he an another are quickly loaded in. about bi biggest hospital in gaza where most wound republican and democrat taken in the back. friend of the wounded man tells him to say the muslim prayer before death. >> 2 men that we are with just got wheeled into the hospital. but car and ambulance keep coming. >> inside some of the more than 20 wounded in this attack. but despite the rising death toll on the streets of gaza today strong support for hamas and the rocket. gaza telling us it's a matter of self-defense. >> we are hamas we hamas hands
9:33 pm
supporting the people here in gaza. e-alex reporting. new company started today designed to put pressure on the fda to over turn the ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood. today was national gay blood drive day. organizers say it's time the fda change its policy which they may marginalize stigmatize and stereo type healthy people across the country. they set up 60 blood drives in 50 states. this one was outside san francisco city hall. supervisor scott weiner says the ban assumes that gay men have hive. >> this is a relic of the 1980's when we were at the height of the hiv/aids epidemi epidemic. and so much has changed since then and we need to move away from reactionary discriminatory policy. fda says gay and bisexual men as group are at increase risk for hive trans committed by transfusion. the current ban
9:34 pm
has been in place since 1983. >> new era of personalize medicine is on the horizon for breast cancer patients. researchers at usc harvard and massachusetts general hospital have isolated breast cancer cells that entered the blood streams of 6 patients. the concern is that the cells move to other organ and cause cancer inviteal organize like bone, lung, liver and brain. by identifying the cell, doctors monitor them and develop targeted drug therapy. >> to the woman they call a nightmare nanny. family that hired her fired her. but she refs to leave their home. and tonight she speaks out for the first time to abc news reporter nick watt. >> this young mom of 3 from upland, california says she fired her live in nanny over a month ago but the nanny refused to move out. >> she said if you want to the me to leave then you need to evict me slammed the door on my
9:35 pm
face. >> nanny from hell in the media she says she is really the victim. >> fired by local family she refs to go. >> her things are still in the house still has key. not to the pad locked bridge. technically shows a tenant with a legal right she says to be there. now sleeping in her car and exclusively breaking her silence to the abc news. >> i was giving them which more hours than they were entitled to for the value of the room. they were exploiting me. they just thought that they could have me 24-7. >> how many hours were you working. >> between 50 and 60. >> the couple who were giving diane ramp and board but no wage strenuously dispute that. >> i would say she probably a week maybe 10 hours. if that. >> it was to help out as my wife needed. >>reporter: nothing was really written down. >> that's what biting us in the butt. >>reporter: no strong tore lawsuit. >> you filed a number of cases
9:36 pm
for medical malpractice. various small claims. personal injury. i found 20 or more, you are a litigant. >> all of those -- well i would strongly disagree with that. >>reporter: that's what you officially are. >> officially i am but i shouldn't be. >>reporter: why not. >> because a lot of those cases first of all i won. >>reporter: we have been inside the house where this legal stand off between family and nanny that could drug on for months. >> lesson you have learned is what. >> when i get my pension i'll get a place and live by myself. >>reporter: hire another nann nanny. >> never. never. >>reporter: upland, california. >> about charlie hayden has died, legend. if. >> polio damage hayden voice when he was young but as abbas
9:37 pm
and composer he shipped the sound of jazz. his career spanned 50 years working with coleman and jared and sound and melody influenced generation of jazz musician. he died this morning in los angeles after prolonged illness. he was 76. >> whether a career. what a sound. >> coming up next. auction where you can buy your own military stuff. we show where you you can pick autopsy tank. whole lot more. 7 news
9:38 pm
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about. >> this is a classic vehicle auction like no other. we are in the talking about ferrari or lamborgini. we are talking about tanks. 7 news reporter
9:41 pm
january thon bloom went down to the ranch for the start of 2 day auction that puts one man vast collection of military history up for grabs. >> dual crank shaft engine used in the british tank series 1,000 dollar transport charge. >>reporter: up for auction army of tank gun even missiles. he had the largest privately owned collection of military vehicle in the world. we first met him in 1991 obsessed with tank since avenues boy. he made collect and rae storing them the the life work. >> basically i enjoy working on them and driving them around. not as much fun as bulldozer. >>reporter: he collected about 200 including some now expected to sell for millions by the time he died. >> we have the german 4 tank one of the most important of world war 2. >>reporter: they might have used it to shoot at the tankism it was designed for thick arm or to go right in the battle. >>reporter: interesting to see
9:42 pm
the stuff and what they dealt with back when. >>reporter: the family came from indiana. eyeing this american troop carrier. >> might be am february us. i don't know. >> it is. >>reporter: he has competitio competition. >> feeling the hankering for new toy. >>reporter: could sell for 10,000 or more. is if it seems overwhelming don't worry there is a 200 page glossy catalog to help you sort it all out. if the question is why would somebody buy one of these? well, do you really have to as ask? >> people have an interest in military history this is the once in a life time opportunity to come and buy one of these vehicle. >>reporter: or gun. >> this raises and lowers. >>reporter: clay wants the russian cannon. >> if the neighbors have loud parties would i ask them to be quiet. >>reporter: when all over 116 pieces will be sold to the proceed used to build a museum in massachusetts that will put remaining 84 on display. moving almost living piece of history. >> the guys who served on those trb out to them to keep them alive. fivrjts in portola
9:43 pm
valley, abc 7 news. >> sold. coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. round the world flight of amila aerhart, amelia flight of amila aerhart, amelia rose. her story
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>> excitement building towards this year aids walk san francisco. and there is still time to get involved and make a difference too. annual walk
9:47 pm
has raised an incredible 82 million dollars over the past 27 years. money helps fight aid and hiv. this year premier sponsor is diagnostic laboratory. they got the company involved and helped recruit more than 140 co-workersers to walk and raise money. >> i realize we are talking to doctors and patients that hiv is still an ongoing issue. there's so many people at risk. there's so many not aware that they are at risk and it can be anyone. >> abc 7 is a major sponsor of aids walk san francisco. here's traffic reporter at last year event. this year walk is 9 days away on sunday july 20th in golden gate park. to register call this number on the screen. go to aids wal or down load the aide walk app. >> amelia has landed. not long lost amaleia who miss tiresly
9:48 pm
disappeared sadly but another pilot with very same name. it was whels down today for amelia rose aerhart a 31-year-old weather traffic reporter. she just flew around the world. 2 28,000 grueling miles. aerhart also owns the fly with amelia foundation that encourages girls to become pilot. >> you can be a well rounded woman and do all sorts of things but you can get out there and take on a big machine and bring it all the way around the world safely. we have gps and synthetic vision. things amelia didn't have. we complete the flight because we have things she didn't have back then. >> original amelia plane vanished near howe island in central pacific ocean in 1937. mystery still unsolved. >> one last time. go back to expense tore talk about the weather forecast. superman and the rest. >> super moon is with us and warming force. we have mainly clear skies right now. notice
9:49 pm
increase in low cloud along the coast line. pushing inland overnight. tomorrow state wide will see mainly sunny skies. still chance of isolated showers or thunder showers parts of the sierra. s.i.d.s. licensing with high up to 100 degrees in fresno. sacramento and chico and here in the bay area tomorrow a little bit warmer than it was today. inland high in the upper 80's. we see upper 70's around the baylow mid 60's on the coast. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. and warming kins. sunday monday tuesday inland high in the low to mid 90's. low to mid 80's around the bay. mid 60's on the coast. temperatures moderating dropping off just a few degrees on wednesday thursday friday but the warm pool won't be extreme but nasty and toasty. >> remember how is in to have the newspaper under your arm. neat thing. get this may soon be able to carry around a rolled up television like a paper. lg has unveiled a paper thin 18 inch panel that can be
9:50 pm
rolled up. they came out with this thing today. panel has almost 1 million mega pixel. can you believe. that company is confident it can produce an ultra hd 60 inch rollable television screen by 20 sfaechbility all one down the street with our 60 inch television screen upped our arm that comes in handy. >> and our sports page. >> rick kwan is in tonight filling in for mike who was filling in for larry but mike is in training. he has big game tomorrow. >> he's in training. in bed early tonight. that's what he told me at least. we'll see. >> coming up in sports. hear from joe montana as he gets ready for tomorrow legend of candlestick game and fresh off the bay bridge series victory. a's keep
9:51 pm
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is is l. >> indictment of suspect accused of killing miss la mar. new disturbing details just made public tonight. we have more on this story. we are
9:54 pm
going through the documents and we'll bring you much more. >> plus beloved member of a local community tragically killed. tonight a special tribute for man who touched so many lives and hearts. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> rick has a lot to talk about tonight. baseball among them. >> asleepless in seattle because of controversial game. take a look. after taking 3 out of 4 from the giants the a's try to keep the winning way going tonight in seattle. they have to get through king fibltion and his court things start the off well for oakland scoring 2 in the first. steven solo shot to right. now has 11 game hitting streak. the making his second start for the a's in the second he gives up this the to morrison. 8 innings strike out 5. after the shakey first king felix settled down. struck out 9. tied 2 all in the sixth. mariner take the lead as robinson fair down the line.
9:55 pm
the score to make it 3-2. 2 outs in the 9. a's runner at third but nick called out on very questionable third strike. i'm sorry that was high and inside. seattle wins 3-2. it has been a rocky ride for the giants of late but playing the last place d backs is a great way to right the ship in the first sandoval connect for long 2 run homer. 11th of the season. tim turned in another strong performance throwing 7 shut out innings. allow 3 hits while striking out 6. hoped own cause open the second laying down sacrifice bunt. panic score from third. the game just gone final. giants have beaten arizona 5-nothing. after winning 2 fba title was miami lebron james is going back home to ohio. he's returning to the cavaliers. james grew up in akron played 7 seasons with cleveland after being the over all no. 1 pick in 2003. nirs person essay for
9:56 pm
sports ill grated lebron wrote my relationship with northeast ohio is bigger than basketball. i didn't realize that 4 years ago. i do now. james wants to give the city of cleveland the first championship in more than 50 years. and according to at least one las vegas sports book the cavs are favored to win the nba title next season. >> it was thought if lebron left miami chris bosch would sign with houston but instead the power forward dec to the hel get a max deal 5 years 118 million dollar contract. still no word if the third member of the big 3 dwayne wade will be back. >> clear space to make a run at bosch rocket traded lynn and first round pick to the lakers. so now houston trying to figure out what plan b is. the palo alto high product is scheduled to make 15 million dollars this season. steve kurr coaching debut as they open play in las vegas. james michael delivers a monster jam. he had 11 points. led the way
9:57 pm
with a team high 17 points. warriors beat the hornet 7-58. u.s. senior open going on in oklahoma. lead for a moment but bogey 3 of the last 4 holes. now 2 back. montgomery is the leader after 2 rounds. tee shot on par has chance to go in. rolls past the hole. would he make the birdie at 6 under. monty the lead over dunlop. in the exactly the superbowl but there is a buzz about tomorrow candlestick flag football game. mike was among those working out at the stick today. tell this is not slow motion replay. 52-year-old taylor looking pretty good. doing back flip with roger and jerry rice and clark. all playing. even former owner offered encouragement. niners take on a team of nfl great led by marina. montana has been
9:58 pm
working out but he said he's far from hall of fame shape. one prosecute how do you feel. >> i'm tired. >> we see all the nasty. >> trying to catholic church them. wasn't pretty. nobody pulled a ham today in practice. >> save it for the game. no fat being pulled today. >> i'm open 24 hours a day. >> i saw you open today. >> see you. >> looking like a true wide receiver. sports report brought to you by joy in the sports and mike the mvp. game most vulnerable play. >> you will be back sunday because would he normally be here. >> good on the deal for all we know. >> we may out. >> mvp good stuff. >> all right that's this edition of abc 7 news. hope
9:59 pm
you are not watching. want you to have confidence. we love you. we are exited really cool what a net opportunity. that's all for now for spencer and rick and we appreciate your time as always. hope you will tune in for us on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on the big 7. goodbye for over on the big 7. goodbye for now.
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[bells tolling] good morning. many of you are halfway through your first week here at greendale, and as your dean, i thought i would share a few thoughts of wisdom and inspiration. what is community college? well, you've heard all kinds of things.


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